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Engineered Infection Prevention
Class 1's new Engineered Infection Prevention (EIP) was just named a Top 10 World Patient Safety Innovation by the Patient Safety Movement.   EIP is based on automated disinfection technology built into healthcare infrastructure and offers the potential to eliminate up to 80% of preventable Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAIs), the third leading cause of death in Canada, the US and other industrialized countries around the world.   Just imagine a hospital bathroom that disinfects itself after every use.  Or a hospital room that can be disinfected by the patient herself with the push of a button.  Or a programmable smart sink that dispenses ozonated water, provides a ready source of disinfectant in every room, disinfects hands even without soap, and auto-disinfects itself.   And just imagine having all these patient protection devices connected, wirelessly, securely, providing usage and maintenance data to enable insight and management of environmental infection prevention measures within a hospital.  That's the future we envision.  Come join us.
SKU number: SmartFLO3 Hand Hygiene Sink
SmartFLO3 Hand Hygiene Sink

The world's first self-disinfecting sink. The SmartFLO₃ sink uses ozonated water to eliminate bacteria both on hands and on the sink itself. Ozonated water has been shown to be more effective than soap and water for bacterial removal from hands. The new sink also provides a source of ozonated water for general cleaning and sanitizing. Convenient and twice as powerful as bleach.

SKU number: BioFree Copper-coated Toilet Seat
BioFree Copper-coated Toilet Seat

Introducing a toilet seat that reduces bacteria almost on contact. Contains a high impact polyurethane Aereus™ Shield coated toilet seat and hinges. Patented copper coating that delivers continuous antimicrobial action, even after repeated contamination. Ideal for high-touch surfaces. Non-toxic to humans. Effectively kills 99.99% of bacteria within one hour of use. Easy-to-clean, long lasting anti-microbial surface (for the life-time of the product). Available exclusively at Class 1 inc.

SKU number: ASEPT.1X Automated UV Disinfection
ASEPT.1X Automated UV Disinfection

The world's first fully automatic fixed UVC Disinfection System utilizes smart sensor technology designed to disinfect patient bathrooms or equipment rooms after every use.

SKU number: ASEPT.2X Mobile UV Disinfection
ASEPT.2X Mobile UV Disinfection

The world's fastest Mobile UVC Disinfection System utilizes two high-power units designed to disinfect an entire patient room or O.R. in as little as 5 minutes.

SKU number:  ASEPT.3X Patient Activated Room Disinfector
ASEPT.3X Patient Activated Room Disinfector

The world's first patient room disinfector. ASEPT.3X can be started by patient or staff at the push of a button. It's smart sensor technology allows for full disinfection after every use. The ASEPT.3X disinfects the entire room in 5 minures and has occupancy sensots that prevent unwanted exposure. The ASEPT.3X UV Room Light contributes to a 99.9999% reduction of C.difficile, MRSA, VRE and more. 

SKU number: BioZone

Biozone uses its patented technology to target and destroy odour-causing bacteria. Instead of masking odours with chemical based fragrances it destroys the bacteria that causes them.

SKU number: IceZone

Visible bacteria returns to any commercial ice machine only six week after they've been cleaned. To properly dismantly and clean an ice machine can take up to four hours. This is costly and labour intensive.

IceZone X is an NSF certified UV sanitization product that is automated and chemical-free.


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