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DISS Medical Gas Outlets

Did you know?

...virtually every hospital in Canada installs DISS (Diameter Index Safety System).  DISS means standardized connections. And no chance of cross-connect.

But not all DISS outlets are equal...

Class 1 DISS outlets are unique.

Class 1 outlets feature the only patented cartridge-style primary check valve. Maintenance is simple and secure.

Class 1 DISS outlets feature the only unique zero-maintenance secondary check valve. No rubber bushing to dry out or crack like latch-style gas outlets.

Once the Class 1 DISS outlet is installed, the gas will likely never need to be shut down for routine outlet maintenance.

Class 1 DISS outlets. There’s nothing else like it.

Standard DISS Outlets Oxygen Vacuum Medical Air Nitrous Oxide Nitrogen Carbon Dioxide AGSS
Recessed Wall Mount XM1124A XM1122 XM1116  XM1104  XM1112  XM1108 XM1132
MRI Compatible XM1124A-MRI  XM1122-MRI XM1116-MRI  XM1104-MRI XM1112-MRI  XM1108-
Recessed Ceiling Mount  XM1224A  XM1222  XM1216  XM1204  XM1212  XM1208 XM1232
Surface Wall Mount  XM2124A  XM2122  XM2116  XM2104  XM2112  XM2108 XM2132
Console/Headwall XM5724A  XM5722  XM5716  XM5704  XM5712  XM5708 XM5732
Ceiling Column Mount  XM5624A  XM5622  XM5616  XM5604  XM5612  XM5608 XM5632
Articulating Arm - Hose Barb Inlet  XM5124A  XM5122  XM5116  XM5104  XM5112 XM5108 XM5132
Articulating Arm - 180 Degree Hose Barb Inlet XM5224A  XM5222 XM5216  XM5204 XM5212 XM5208 XM5232
Articulating Arm - DISS Inlet XM5324A  XM5322 XM5316  XM5304 XM5312 XM5308 XM5332
Articulating Arm - 180 Degree DISS Inlet XM5424A  XM5422 XM5416  XM5404 XM5412 XM5408 XM5432
DISS Riser Assemblies AC8824A AC8822 AC8816 AC8804 AC8812 AC8808 AC8832

*Custom DISS gas outlets are available upon request including ambulance style.  Please contact Class 1 for details.  Minimum order applies.



DISS Medical Gas Outlets

We are in the process of updating our product manuals.

If you require an updated manual, please contact

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