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November 7, 2017

Humber washroom dissinfectionClass 1 Inc. is pleased to announce that Humber River Hospital, the world’s first all-digital hospital, is deploying new state-of-the-art AutoUV disinfection technology in the redevelopment of the Finch Site as part of the Ontario Ministry of Health’s initiative to open 2,000 new beds to meet the expected surge in demand during this year’s flu season.

This award-winning Canadian technology, made possible by a partnership between Class 1 Inc. in Cambridge and Sanuvox in Montreal, flashes the patient bathroom immediately after each use. AutoUV effectively reduces the risk of spread of disease including the flu, norovirus, adenoviruses, C. difficile, MRSA, and VRE providing the safest possible patient environment.

Since 1 out of 10 Canadian patients currently acquire a Hospital Acquired Infection (HAI), AutoUV disinfection is believed to be a game changer in healthcare with the potential to significantly reduce HAIs, shorten average length of stay, free up hospital beds, and save millions of precious healthcare dollars.

AutoUV is one of several technologies included in Class 1’s Engineered Infection Prevention (EIP), automated technology built into healthcare infrastructure to eliminate air, water and surface transmission of disease.

EIP was awarded a 2017 Top 10 World Patient Safety Innovation by the Patient Safety Institute. The newly renovated Finch Avenue site is scheduled to open December 10th.

To learn more about Engineered Infection Prevention (EIP) technology, including AutoUV disinfection, visit .

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