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Class 1 Halogenated Drug Recovery (HDR) is the world's most effective solution for capturing harmful anesthetics released into the atmosphere.

Class 1 is pleased to introduce the world's first commercially available patented central solution designed to capture the harmful halogenated gases released into the atmosphere from anesthetic gas scavenging systems. Class 1 HDR captures 99.9% of would-be emissions.

Class 1 Inc., a leading Canadian provider of innovative services to hospitals, was proud to be named a 2015 Top 3 Ontario Centre of Excellence (OCE) Mind-to Market finalist for it’s patented Halogenated Drug Recovery (HDR) system.  Currently, the halogenated anesthetics inhaled during surgery are exhaled into the breathing circuit, conducted through pipelines and pumps and released into the atmosphere where they are up to 6,000X more harmful than CO2.

Halogenated Drug Recovery is available for new builds and retrofits with existing AGSS/WAGD equipment. Includes Class 1 Sentinel remote monitoring premium care package. Healthcare facility recieves monthly report of impact on carbon capture.

How does it work?




Class 1's patented centralized system collects halogenated drugs from the anesthetic gas scavenging systems (AGSS) or Waster Anesthetic Gas Disposal (WAGD) system in ORs. Gases are compressed, dried, sterilized, and captured on Halosorb adsorbent in sealed tanks. Our unique condensation and desorption process then removes gases from adsorbent material, and liquid gases are packed in tamperproof containers and labeled by Class 1's automatic bottling system.

How bad is venting anesthetic gases into the environment?

HDR chimney


Halogenated ethers are 3700 times more powerful at trapping heat than carbon dioxide. A midsize healthcare facility will emit the carbon equivalent to the emissions from 1200 automobiles* every year. With an atmospheric life of 25+ years, the accumulative greenhouse effect of halogenated gases is staggering.

* Ryan SM, et al. Global warming potential of inhaled anesthetics: application to clinical use. Anesth Analg. 2010;111(1):92-98


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Class 1 Mind to Market Award Finalist Video:


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