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SKU number: Headwalls

Class 1 NeoAngle Headwall - complete with access panels, horizontal gas and communications consoles...

Class 1 Double Track Headwall -  complete with access panels, horizontal gas, and communications consoles...

Class 1 Companion Headwall, series HW5, complete with backbox, mounting studs, flush mount...

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SKU number: Service Consoles
Service Consoles

Class 1 Service Consoles, sized to accommodate the electrical and gas services specified.

  • Compact
  • Versatile
  • Easy to Install
  • Flexible Mounting
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SKU number: Power Columns
Power Columns

NeoAngle Power Column 

  • Integral electrical raceways
  • Easy access services
  • Height adjustable


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SKU number: Ceiling Columns
Ceiling Columns
  • Easy access to services
  • Up to 12 gas outlets
  • Up to 15 electrical devices
  • Accommodates Low Voltage devices
  • Available Nitrogen or C02 Control Panel


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SKU number: Floor Consoles
Floor Consoles
  • 316 Stainless Steel
  • Convenient access to gas and electrical devices

Class1 Free-Standing Floor Console, complete with easy access top panel, and sized according to the detail drawings. 

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SKU number: Concealed Service Consoles
Concealed Service Consoles

Class 1 NeoAngle Concealed Service Consoles, complete with provision for four medical gases, six communications and e communications and electrical devices, and capable of containing standard oxygen and suction devices in the closed position. Console to include mounting plate suitable for owner-supplied decorative art.

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SKU number: SchoolMate

Class 1 Inc. is pleased to introduce SchoolMate I and SchoolMate II.

Class 1 SchoolMate Flatwall headwall, complete with access panels for light switches, electrical receptacles and other devices as specified on the detail drawings. 

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