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Suction Regs and Flowmeters
SKU number: Regulators

Class 1 offers a full range of top quality, high-performance regulator systems from Western Medica.


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SKU number: Non-Magnetic Equipment
Non-Magnetic Equipment

Flowmeter Features:

  • Non Magnetic, Slim Line model
  • Anodized aluminum body with brass adjustment knob
  • Polycarbonate inner and outer tubes
  • Calibrated at 50 psi inlet
  • DISS 1240 outlet
  • 6 year limited warranty
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SKU number: Flowmeters

Flowmeter Regulators

  • Chrome-plated brass body with all brass high-pressure chamber
  • 15 LPM Oxygen models provide 115 LPM flood
  • 8 LPM models restricted to 8 LPM maximum
  • Internal reseating relief valve protects against over pressurization
  • Maximum inlet pressure 3000 psi
  • Tested to CGA standards which include ignition testing 
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SKU number: Cylinders and Accessories
Cylinders and Accessories

Aluminum Cylinder Features:

  • Aluminum cylinders are 40% lighter than steel
  • Cylinders are cleaned for medical oxygen service
  • Safety paint protects cylinder sidewall and provides heat detection
  • Cylinder finish is easy to clean and maintain
  • Straight thread design minimizes thread damage and provides positive seal
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SKU number: Cylinder Carts and Accessories
Cylinder Carts and Accessories

Please see our catalogue for details and ordering information

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SKU number: Suction Equipment
Suction Equipment

Regulator Features:

  • Chrome-plated brass or black anodized aluminum body
  • Adjustable - lockable suction limits
  • Infinite suction control within locked range
  • 2-1/2” diameter gauge
  • Clearly labeled for application
  • On-off control


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SKU number: Fittings and Gauges
Fittings and Gauges

Please see our catalogue for complete product specifications and ordering information.

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SKU number: Hoses

Class 1 Hose Assemblies are designed and manufactured to ISO 13485:2016 standards, your assurance of quality.

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SKU number: Manifolds
  • Digital readout can display psig, KPa or Bar.
  • Connects to remote alarm systems. (Up to 3 amps 30 VDC or 2 amps 250 VAC)
  • Maximum inlet pressure 3000 psig. (2000 psig for CO2 & N2O systems)
  • Maximum Flow: FHM2 2000 scfh FHM2 (CO2 & N2O) 35 scfh FHM2HL (CO2 & N2O) 500 scfh FHM2HP 2500 scfh
  • Internal adjustable dual line regulators. FHM2 & FHM2HL 30–70 psig FHM2HP 100–190 psig
  • Manifold outlet: 1/2” NPT


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