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Class 1 Values


We believe in delivering the best products and services possible.  We believe in pursuing excellence in our business practices. We believe in striving to be the best.


We believe in acting in the best interest of our customers.  We believe in making decisions in the best interests of long-term success and sustainability.  We believe in giving back to our industry, our community and our world.  We believe in making things right. We believe in being professional.  We believe in moving heaven and earth to meet our deadlines and our customer's expectations.  We believe in working together to find solutions.  We believe in treating people with respect.  We believe it is our privilege and obligation to help others.  We believe in making a difference.


We believe in seeking out, recognizing, encouraging and developing people's strengths.


We believe in honest dialogue.  We believe in sharing information to the benefit of others.  We believe in sharing best practices to the benefit of our customers, employees, and partners.

We believe in improving our industry by leading advances in technology, processes and practices.


We believe in researching and implementing technologies which are effective without damaging the environment. We believe in developing new products that help, rather than harm, our beautiful planet.

Class 1 is proud to be a member and supporter of The Canadian Coalition for Green Healthcare.

Canadian Coalition for Green health Care


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